Is this an emergency?

I admit it.  I don’t always put in my expression of interest for jobs in the most timely manner.  There’s lots of reasons for that…more on that later.

It explains why my email to a local non-profit went out today – on the last day of the posting.

  • Check that letter makes sense and demonstrates that I know they have a new Chair and updated mandate and are looking for someone to rein in the budget while also keeping things moving forward?  Done.
  • Double check resume to highlight non-profit leadership?  Done.
  • Spellcheckspellcheckspellcheck…check spelling?  Done.
  • Talk my self into their “next month” starting date in a city 100 miles away?  Done.

Press “send”.  Get automatically generated response goes went pretty much like this:

” Hi from Lauren’s desk!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Joe and I are embracing the new economy and having a ‘staycation’ close to home, so we’ll be curled up with the dogs and busy in the garden for the next few weeks.  We’ll be thinking of you :).

To all contractors, please submit your invoices as usual and I will process them when I return.  If this is an emergency please contact Emily at emily@emily’”

The good news?  My email arrived.  The bad news?  Although I sent it to the address in the posting, and they said they wanted to hire someone to begin next month, clearly Lauren is not going to be reading it any time soon.  Is someone else checking her email to deal with applications?  Should I break the standard “no calls or emails please?” instruction in the posting?

Is this an emergency?


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