Interview Countdown

Are you familiar with this scenario?  You see a position that looks interesting.  You get in touch and send in your resume.

The application deadline passes.  By weeks, if not months.  Out of the blue comes a phone call.  They’d like to interview you.

You spend hours briefing yourself on the organization, the position, the industry…news stories, business stories, financial filings, annual reports.  You phone people who know people who work there.  You collect intelligence like a squirrel getting ready for winter.

You suit up, go for the interview.  It goes well.  Accomplishments are highlighted.  Knowledge is shared.  They are pleasant.  They are interviewing five people and hope to make a decision in the next few weeks.

That deadline passes.  By weeks if not months.  Emails are not returned.  Phone calls go unanswered.

Welcome to Interview Countdown, the game you don’t even know you’re playing.

How do you think HR staff and managers explain this behaviour to themselves?  I would say this has happened to me on a slim majority of the interviews that I have had in my job search, so it’s not a one-off thing.

Welcome to interview countdown.


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