Congratulations, Government of British Columbia

Here’s the email I received today from the Government of BC.  The application deadline was in May.  The interview was six days ago.

The email is from a person I did not encounter during the process, but fair enough.  They were tasked to send out emails to the “sorry” list.

Thank you for your interest in a new opportunity with the BC Public Service. We are writing to inform you that our process is now complete, and another candidate will be appointed to the position.

If you would like more information about our selection process or have questions regarding feedback, please go to Our Hiring Process or view the Help section found in your Career Centre.

Your participation in the selection process has been greatly appreciated, and we encourage you to apply for future employment opportunities with the BC Public Service.

Giving praise for a generic email advising that you weren’t the successful applicant might seem like setting the bar exceptionally low,   Not so.

I would say that for positions where I’ve had a face-to-face interview, I have heard back from only about 50 per cent of the organizations.  This, even after the polite follow up email, phone call etc from me.  50 per cent.

So, congratulations to the Province of British Columbia.  You are in the top 50 per cent.


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