Employment Status – Getting By

I was out the other day, doing various official things – passport renewal, car insurance etc.

Several forms required me to provide my employment status – either by giving my employers for the last two years, or indicating whether I worked full time or part time, was self employed etc.

And what is the answer to that question?

I have the same problem when someone asks the social question “where are you working these days?”  or “are you working?”.

I find myself tripped up.  I have several consulting projects for which I am very grateful.  They pay the mortgage, keep the lights and cable on, and allow me to sleep well at night.  A new one was referred to me by an old friend just this week.  So I’m working.

But I’d like to be employed full time.  Working for one organization, contributing to their long term plans and progress.  And I’d like people to know that.

So I check the form “self employed.”  When asked I say something along the lines of “I’ve got some really interesting consulting work on the go while I’m looking for the next full time job.”  Meh.  I tend to think that’s the worst of both worlds.  Someone who’s looking for a consultant isn’t going to think of me, because I might be gone when a job offer turns up.  Someone who might have a position doesn’t think of me a “looking” for work because I’m busy consulting.

And so it goes.  The real answer?  I’m getting by.  Which, as they say, is better than the alternative.


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