Dear Telus

So I have been receiving many sales calls over the last few days.  The dreaded pause before going ‘live’ usually allowed me to hang up before the scripted conversation started.  But a time or two I waited too long, and the sales pitch began.

Dear Telus.  Here’s some free advice.  You’ve made a choice to saddle up the poor people in your phone rooms to call out to all of your existing customers and annoy them by upselling their current phone services.  Perhaps you would want to take care that the phones/lines your people use are not so static-y and broken up and delayed that the person being sold to can not understand a word your people are saying.  Just a thought.

I did not buy the exciting bundle and lightning fast internet service.  I do not care if I get a free HP laptop.  I am very glad I am not a phone salesperson.


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