I’m looking for work.  Me and many millions of others.

After some wonderful jobs doing important things and (hopefully) affecting the world for the better, I now find myself undergoing the type of rejection they warn 14 year old aspiring models about.

Am I bitter?  Sometimes.  Am I depressed?  Sometimes.  Am I glad to have friends and a healthy savings account squirreled away during the good times?  No doubt.

I find myself, two years later, oddly optimistic despite it all.

But  I am dismayed about the chasm between employer-speak about the challenges of finding good talent, the critical focus on service and the value of experience in the modern, fast changing world of work…and the reality on this end of the application process.

So.  I am calling myself Nancy Albright because I am going to be critical.  Not grim, hopefully, but critical.   Maybe funny, too.  Time will tell.  In any case I don’t want to be excluded from some future opportunity via google search.



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