Nonsensical job posting of the day

The posting, edited slightly:

The Executive Director …leads and directs centralized strategy development, performance measurement and policy development to support trade and market development and expansion initiatives. An advanced researcher with considerable business acumen, you utilise technology to advance business development projects and lead research initiatives for the entire Division, including the development of market entry strategies by sector. Skilled at business transformation and change management, you lead the development and implementation of an essential Division performance management framework. Visionary and results oriented, you provide strategic direction to Division programs… If you are an experienced business leader with the ability and policy development skills required to drive and support international trade and market development initiatives … we look forward to hearing from you.

Hmmm.  Complex job. Seems to require both an academic and entrepreneurial bent.  Business development as well as Division leadership and management.  Interesting

So why is the next line of the posting “Do not submit a cover letter with your application as it will not be reviewed. Please ensure your resume has all the information applicable to this competition.”

Really?  The same resume that I am going to have to fit into the form fields in your automated “Career Centre” system?  The same system that asks me whether I have graduated high school and know how to use Microsoft Word as part of my input?  This will allow me to convey the breadth of experience you’re looking for in what seems to be a senior position?

Why not just be honest and say you want an MBA and a VP or C level experience in a multinational organization?  That’s how the resume scanning software will sift through the applications, so why not just get to the point?